Saturday, July 11, 2020

29 Taliban Insurgents killed in Helmand

May 16, 2020

The Ministry of National Defense announces the launch of several air and ground operations in Helmand province. Fawad Aman, a spokesman for the min

MOD: More than 36 Taliban insurgents killed and wounded

May 14, 2020

The Ministry of National Defense announces the launch of a special operation by the country’s security forces in Balkh province. The security

MOD: 19 Taliban insurgents were killed in Balkh

May 12, 2020


Security officials in the north of the country say 11 Taliban insurgents have been killed and 10 others wounded in Balkh province.

Five ISIS-k members killed in Kabul by national security forces

May 06, 2020

Last night, the National Security Forces launched a special operation in the Shakar-Dara district of Kabul, in which important and prominen

Ministry of Interior: Opium production and poppy cultivation in the country have decreased significantly

April 26, 2020

The Deputy Minister of Counter-Narcotics of the Ministry of Interior announced a significant reduction in opium production and poppy cultivation in

Taliban Training

Military exercises in Pakistan training camps and panic to Afghanistan

April 07, 2020

Author: Ahmad Baig | military affairs Analyst

Taliban propaganda and military power maneuvers:

In r

Who is Aslam Farooqi, the leader of the ISIS Khorasan Branch?

April 04, 2020

While ISIL poses a severe threat to Afghanistan’s security and stability after Taliban fighters, the

NATO S.G Press conference

NATO’s efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 among its troops in Afghanistan

April 03, 2020

NATO Secretary-General told a news conference after the one-day meeting of the foreign ministers that, in addition to the escalating terrorist atta

Kabul hosts Taliban delegation after 19 years of isolation

April 01, 2020

A technical team for the release of Taliban prisoners from government prisons arrived in Kabul yesterday to begin talks on Taliban prisoner’s

New Zealand mosque attacker admits killing 51 Muslim worshippers

March 26, 2020

A year ago, on this same date, a 29-year-old Australian man (Brinton Trent) in New Zealand shot and killed over 50 worshipers in two separate mosqu