Monday, April 06, 2020

Turkey sends its troops to Syria

February 23, 2020

Turkey has sent a new military convoy consisting of four military vehicles to Syria.

The Turkish convoy is heading south on Syria’s no

The presence of American warships in the Persian Gulf

February 13, 2020

News sources reported that a US Navy blue-crossing vessel crossed the Strait of Hormuz and landed in international waters in the Persian Gulf.

The number of victims of coronavirus in China has reached 1,000

February 11, 2020

China has released the latest figures on the victims of the coronary virus, which said that thousands had died as a result of the deadly virus.

11 million dollar reward for the arrest of two al-Qaeda officials

February 09, 2020

The United States has set an $ 11 million reward for the detention of two senior al-Qaeda officials Khaled Saeed Battarai and Saad bin Atef al-Awla

The victory of a moderate and gay politician in the US state of Indiana

February 08, 2020

According to foreign media, Pete Budgej, an American gay and lesbian politician won the Democratic primary in the Iowa state primarily by a dramati