Civil Society Institutions: The Taliban have no mercy on even the mullahs of the Imams


Civil society activists in the capital are coming together today, Friday, to present the management of the situation in the mosques in the mosques of Mohammad Mohammad Akbar Khan. The Taliban activists blamed the assassination of Dr. Ayaz Niazi, the edge of the mosque of Mohammad Akbar Khan and a professor at Kabul University, who said that the Taliban could use the tricks offered to them to create creative innocence. Fardin Farahi Rais, one of the capital’s civil society organizations, says: “Be a guardian of the mosque. Mohammad Akbar Khanzadeh is a coward who was martyred in this needy doctor.” This show is, in fact, the brothers of Islam.

“Where is the Holy Quran that religious scholars, hospitals and even successfully can succeed?” The Taliban are using tents in mosques and public places to destroy medical services and visitors from our point of view to young men and women. However, Shahram Rahmani, head of the New Generation Organization of Afghanistan, said: “The Taliban have given up on Islam and the person who unfortunately provides his services to this group is un-Islamic. This group is actually the best by assassinating Dr. Ayaz Niazi.” “They have committed the crime.”

At present, Maulvi Fazl Karim Seraji, head of mosques in Kabul, said: “The assassination of Dr. Ayaz is a need for the employees and the controlled apparatus of the region, and in the international arena, you can destroy the world by destroying a nation. In my opinion, Dr. Ayaz’s testimony does not need to acknowledge the awakening of religious scholars and propagate the right to supervision. “This gathering is currently in Kabul, which can allow you to see Dr. Ayaz Niazi, who died on Wednesday evening before the Imamate of the evening prayer, after the explosion of food planted in the Akbar Khanum Mosque.