Concerns about sales of neighboring countries saffron in Afghanistan name

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Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock by holding a meeting of the National Committee for Supporting Saffron Development; It stopped selling saffron to its neighbors in the name of Afghanistan. This consultative meeting was held on enriching the technical procedure for quality assurance of export saffron in the Deputy of Agriculture and Livestock of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock.


“Saffron is one of the major and valuable products of our country and is in the focus of the Ministry of Agriculture to be promoted and developed more than before. The position of Afghan saffron in the world has been proven,” said Shirshah Amiri, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Livestock. “And for several years now, as a result of the efforts of the ministry leadership, specialists and farmers, we have witnessed better progress in the promotion and development of saffron.”


Mr. Amiri says that saffron is bought and sold in some neighboring countries under Afghan saffron and exported to foreign countries through Afghanistan. According to him, this has damaged the position of Afghan saffron. Shirshah Amiri said that saffron is shipped from one of the neighboring countries called Afghanistan, which damages the role of the country’s saffron. He added that last year we had 21 tons of production, but exports were more than production, and this shows that saffron from one of the neighboring countries has entered our country, and this lowers the position of Afghan saffron, which has better quality, taste, and flavor. brings.


Shirshah Amiri also said that market saturation hurts market prices. He stressed that to prevent adverse effects on the cost of saffron, work should be done on customs tariffs. The Deputy Minister of Agriculture adds that based on the decree of the President, the smuggling of saffron from some neighboring countries should be stopped. Still, some departments are not cooperating in this regard.


According to him, the lack of cooperation from some departments has caused concern to the Ministry of Agriculture. The Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Livestock also said that the ministry was working on a saffron development program in 32 provinces and asked participants to share their views on the final decision and the development of the procedure.


“Five years ago, the area of saffron cultivation reached one thousand hectares; now, it has reached more than eight thousand hectares. We have potential in this sector; we have customers inside and outside. Saffron exports were limited to a few countries a few years ago,” he said. “It has now reached 31 countries. We will see the opening of a saffron institute in Herat shortly, which can further help develop saffron work and load.”


This meeting was set up to include the views of experts on saffron issues to be included in the technical procedure for quality assurance of Afghanistan’s export saffron. The technical approach for ensuring the quality of Afghanistan’s export saffron has been developed by the General Directorate of Extension of the Ministry of Agriculture in 11 articles. The meeting discussed further development of this procedure