Corona overnight; John took 67 people and infected 973 people!

Health Shekib ZaheerAhmad Shekaib Zaheer Friday July 9th, 2021 0 Views




In recent days, the corona has suffered the most from the citizens of Afghanistan; The Ministry of Public Health wrote in a newsletter on Thursday (7/82021) that 3,442 suspected coronavirus cases were tested in the ministry’s laboratories overnight, of which 973 were found to be positive.


The Ministry of Health also wrote that in the last 24 hours, 67 people have died due to Covid 19 diseases in the country, which has increased the total number of deaths to 3,527 people.


The announcement issued by the Ministry of Health also states that, with the infection of 973 new cases of coronavirus, the total number of coronavirus patients in the country has increased to 89,861.


The Ministry of Health also noted that in the past 24 hours, 350 people had been diagnosed with Sari and coronary heart disease, bringing the total number of people diagnosed to 58,622.


Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Health had issued a warning a few months ago that the third wave of the coronavirus has started in the country, and the government should quarantine all the country’s provinces so that the citizens of the country suffer from Kuwait 19 disease. But the government ignored the announcement of the Ministry of Health and did not invite the country to quarantine. As a result, today the number of people infected with the coronavirus is increasing every day. The Ministry of Health says the government’s negligence is the only reason for the country’s increase in coronary heart disease.