Coronavirus: Is the disease transmitted from the bodies of the dead?

The coronavirus has brought tragic scenes of death to patients around the world whose loved ones have not been able to mourn and bury properly.

These images have caused fear of death and the dead because there is a concern that the virus that causes the disease will spread after the death of infected people and spread from the dead to the living.

Can the bodies of people who have died from the coronavirus be transmitted? Is it permissible to hold a funeral? Is burial or cremation a suitable way to bury the bodies of these people?

Because the coronavirus is a new pathogen, many aspects of it are unknown, but here is what we already know about the treatment of infected bodies.

Can corpses transmit the Covid-19 virus?

According to the World Health Organization, if the necessary health and safety considerations are observed, there is no reason to be afraid of spreading the coronavirus through the bodies of the dead due to contracting it.
The virus is transmitted to others through human respiratory fluid particles, such as talking, sneezing, and coughing.
But the virus can survive on some surfaces for several days.

“To date, there is no evidence that the Coronavirus has spread from the bodies of the dead to the living,” said William Eduard-Crow, a spokesman for the American Continental Health Organization.
Will Webros survive in the corpse?

“However, this does not mean that the body of a person who has died of the disease is not infected with the virus and that you can kiss it or behave in this way, but it is necessary to mourn the dead,” he added. “Exercise restraint and observe safety and health considerations.”

“Except in cases of fever with bleeding (for example in Ebola and Marburg) and cholera, the bodies of those infected are not usually infectious. Only the lungs of those infected with the coronavirus if “If not properly touched during the autopsy, it can cause infection. Otherwise, the body of the dead is not a carrier of the disease.”

Simultaneously, the lungs and other organs of those who die from acute respiratory illnesses may still contain the live virus.
These viruses may be released and spread during autopsies or washing of internal organs.

Relatives and acquaintances of those who have died of Quid-19 infection should ensure that those preparing the body for burial, such as burial staff, are well-trained and well-protected.