Ghani seeks to form a coalition government with Taliban

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Today, the Afghan Second Vice President Ghani attended the May 3 World Press Freedom Day celebrations at the Government Media and Information Center, Emphasizing peace talks with the Taliban and reducing violence by this group.”With the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban have no other justification for fighting, and, by doing so, the US military has disarmed the Taliban. Afghanistan has better society, laws, and the Afghans than the Taliban practice all Islamic values,” said Sarwar Danesh. In this ceremony, Danesh considers the Taliban as illiterate and incompetent and emphasizes that after reading for 4 years Islamic school and Madrasa, no one can become an expert of Quran knowledge; Sarwar Danesh says that the Taliban are illiterate and ignorant of the century.

Celebrating May 3, World Press Freedom Day; But the margins of this commemoration have also been politicized as the Afghan peace process is not going so well.

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The second vice president also unveils President Ghani’s new peace plan to set with the Taliban on the negotiation table. “The Afghan government plans to establish a joint peace collation government with the Taliban,” he said. “President Ghani has no desire to complete his term in office, but he wants to make himself sure that Afghanistan does not go into crisis again and there is no break in the country.


نجیب شریفی رییس کمیته مصونیت خبرنگاران


But freedom of expression in Afghanistan has raised alarm bells for media activists as targeted attacks by armed opposition groups. Najib Sharifi, head of the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee, believes that security threats in the current situation have led to increased self-censorship by Journalists and media outlets. Mr. Sharifi said: “Self-censorship has increased to such an extent that the Afghan media has not experienced such an example in the last 20 years; In fact, the government’s inability to pursue security threats against journalists has prevented journalists from telling the truth in a good manner.


However, these remarks by the chairman of the Journalists Safety Committee have met with a reaction from the Minister of Information and Culture. “The government has never been indifferent to the cases of journalists and has acted as soon as the cases of journalists arrive,” said Acting Minister of Information and Culture Tahir Zuhair. “It is unfair to say that the government has done nothing to investigate the journalists’ cases.


طاهر ظهیر وزیر اطلاعات و فرهنگ


Deborah Lyons, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan, says the organization stands by the Afghan people and will defend the country’s current achievements. We will stand with the people of Afghanistan and the media activists in Afghanistan and support their achievements,” she added. “We want to make sure that Afghanistan does not go into crisis again.”


According to the Vice President for Strategic Communications, Afghanistan’s media is the country’s most outstanding achievement, and it has been largely spontaneous. World Press Day has been celebrated in Kabul as targeted killings of journalists have increased. In 2020 alone, more than 10 journalists across the country lost their lives, but so far, no further information has been shared with the victims’ families regarding killing these targets.