Destruction of the Taliban’s largest Drugs factory in Farah

Afghanistan یاسین ساداتMohammad Yasin Saadat Wednesday May 26th, 2021 0 Views




Drugs are considered the silencing and destructive enemy in the country. According to official statistics, about 3.5 million people are currently addicted to this phenomenon.


But in the latest case, sources in the country’s anti-narcotics police say the Taliban’s largest narcotics factory has been destroyed in Farah province. The source, who did not want to be identified, told the Pasbanan Media Group that during a special operation by anti-narcotics forces in Bakwa Farah district, the forces involved in the operation could destroy the mentioned factory.


The source said: “This operation was launched on the night of (25/26.5.2021) in coordination with other forces residing in the province, a special operation on the drug processing laboratory of Haji Ghafoor base of the 150-member Taliban and one of the famous drug traffickers in the province were completely destroyed. Joint special forces, including commandos, police, and counter-narcotics, were present during the operation.”


According to the source, during the operation, many narcotics were found, including (1100 liters) of drugs under the name of liquid glass; (860 kg) drugs under the name of solid Crystal; (216 kg) of small crystal drug under the name of torn glass; (21 maps) His soda, which is used in the composition of narcotics, has fallen into the hands of special anti-narcotics forces.


The source emphasizes that in addition to these materials, a large number of tools and equipment have been made available to them, including 4 Petrol oil refills; They seized three glass production machines, four scales, 4 30 kg gas balloons, 150 balers, and equipment for transporting drugs and some other objects.


The source further told the police that the forces involved in the operation could obtain several vehicles, including a Hilex-type vehicle, a Field-type vehicle, a Mazda-type vehicle, a pickup vehicle, and a motorcycle.


The security source said that all the equipment was destroyed after the destruction of the memorial factory. All its equipment, including ammunition and weapons, was transferred to one of the centers of the anti-narcotics forces.


The report comes as the Taliban’s most significant source of funding is drug production and smuggling out of the country, according to figures verified by credible US intelligence sources, with most of the group’s military commanders in Afghanistan. In addition, they are involved in drug trafficking and production. But the Taliban have not yet commented on the matter.