Discussion on 79 procurement issues in the meeting of the Procurement Commission

Economics Minallah PakneyatMinallah Kohistani Tuesday July 13th, 2021 0 Views



President Ghani hosted a delegation from the National Procurement Commission on Tuesday evening (7/12/2021). According to the Presidential Palace of Afghanistan newsletter, the President of the meeting discussed 79 preparatory issues with the officials of this commission and issued the necessary instructions for the members of this office. “In the meeting of the National Procurement Commission chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, which was held at the Citadel yesterday evening, 79 procurement issues were discussed,” reads a newsletter issued by the Presidential Palace.


The newsletter of the Presidential Palace also reads: “In this meeting, the project of foodstuffs, injectables, clothes, and machinery required by the National Security Forces, the oxygen plant projects of Qasbeh and Ahmad Shah Baba Mineshahr hospitals in Kabul and the provision of necessary supplies for the hospital Central Ministry of Public Health, 220 kV transmission line project from Hashemi Bridge to Shindand and 220 kV transmission line from Shindand to Farah related to Breshna Co., Shahrvan and Momen Abad canal reconstruction project in Takhar province “The construction of 10.43 km of road from Ghor airport to the center of Ghazni area was considered after a comprehensive discussion.”


As fighting spreads across the country and Afghan security and defense forces are currently battling insurgents in at least 21 provinces, President Ghani has called on the National Procurement Commission to pay close attention to the country’s security and defense forces. “Praising the heroism and courage of the country’s security and defense forces, the President gave serious instructions to the relevant departments to timely consider the projects of the mentioned sector. In this meeting, the National Procurement Commission will continue,” the Presidential Palace newsletter continued. In addition, members of the commission, officials from the National Procurement Office, and observers from the House of Representatives attended.


The summit, hosted by President Ghani at the presidential palace, has raised growing concerns about Afghanistan’s economic blockade. Economic experts believe that the spread of the Taliban war in most of Afghanistan’s provinces has led to the worst financial situation in the country, in addition to the fact that the Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan’s important and strategic ports in the current situation Afghanistan’s economic crisis has improved. At the same time, it is reported that with the increase in the dollar value against the Afghan currency, the prices of goods in the country’s markets have multiplied.