Do you know which are the most visited news websites of Afghanistan?

In today’s world, traditional media is slowly fading, and digital media will be increasingly replacing audio-visual media in the not-too-distant future. According to information, at present in Afghanistan alone has gained so many achievements to Digitalized media, on daily bases, an average of dozens of websites launched on a day-to-day ground and several others remain inactive. Still, in the meantime, some of the country’s media have established themselves as the leading media outlets in Afghanistan. Statistics show that most of these websites have thousands of daily visitors and have considerable credibility in providing information in Afghanistan and worldwide.

How websites are ranked:

Since news websites in Afghanistan are still haven’t got a prominent place due to challenges like the weakness of the Internet, lack of facilities, not enough knowledge of using news sites in different tools, especially smartphones and smart gadgets. We can also point to some other issues known as a significant challenge for the future of digitalized media outlets in Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, with all the owners’ efforts and the reason is the algorithm used by alexa and some paid issues. Meanwhile, we have some news websites with a bulk of supporters inside the country. However, the information shows that these websites are the most visited information bases in the country. The statistics presented in this report are based on the survey base conducted by the world-renowned website “” Alexa Site ranks most websites globally in terms of geography, number of visitors, keywords, aesthetics of the website, website speed, and some other characteristics.

Afghanistan’s most famous news sites:

Alexa is one of the analytical websites that mostly provides website owners and their audience with a clear view of the location and level of website traffic. According to the ranking of this world-renowned website, Afghanistan’s most famous websites are as follows.

  1. Khamaa Press: Khamaa Press is the leading news site in Afghanistan, established in 2010. This site is ranked number eight in Afghanistan and 13916th in the world.
  2. TOLOnews: This site is related to TOLOnews global Television, which is considered as the leading tv channel in Afghanistan. At present, this site is in at number nine place and globally ranked in16732.
  3. Etlaat Roz: This newspaper was established in 2011 and is currently one of Afghanistan’s leading newspapers. This website is currently ranked 12th in Afghanistan and ranked 25159th in the world.
  4. Hasht Subh: It is one of the leading newspapers in Afghanistan established in 2005. At present, the Hasht Subh news website is ranked 15th in the country and is ranked 24717 globally.
  5. Radio Azadi: It is the 25th news site of Afghanistan related to Radio Azadi. This website is ranked 25645 worldwide.
  6. Ariana News: Ariana News is the most visited website related to Ariana TV. This website is ranked 42nd in Afghanistan and ranked 51478 in the world;

7.VOA: This website is related to the Voice of America and has many fans. VOA is currently ranked 57th, with 59,789 worldwide;

  1. 1Sada: It is one of the most famous informative news portals that most news websites share as a collection in this platform. 1Sada is ranked 60th in Afghanistan and 54245 in the world;
  2. Pajhwok: This website is affiliated with Pajhwok News Agency, which was founded in 2004; Pajhwok is currently ranked 67th in Afghanistan and has 45,554 in the world;
  3. Pasbanan: This website belongs to the Pasbanan news agency, which was founded in 2017. Currently, this base is ranked 75th in Afghanistan and 153796 in the world;
  4. Bazetab News: This website is more popularly known as the collective database of news websites; It is currently ranked 106th in Afghanistan and 87,248th in the world;
  5. Subh Kabul: This website is affiliated with Subh Kabul newspaper, which is ranked 116th in Afghanistan and 106774th in the world;
  6. Salam Watandar: This website is affiliated with Salam Watandar Radio, which is ranked 189th in Afghanistan and 126726th in the world;
  7. 1TV News: This website is related to one Television and is full of viewers; The TV website currently ranks 247th in Afghanistan and 168,782 worldwide.
  8. And Ufuq News: This website is related to Ufuq News, which ranks 302nd in Afghanistan and is ranked 213,180 worldwide.

Ranking of number 1 to number 8 websites:

According to Alexa, Google currently ranks first, Facebook second, YouTube third, and some reputable search engines fourth and seventh, respectively; It should be noted that other websites are not included in this category based on how they operate.