US want to provide deadliest weapons to Ukraine, for reinforcement of its defense power. But Russian officials have warned that decision made by USA is dangerous and it will persuade Kiev to use military power in the west of Ukraine and it will bring a bloody conclusion to the region. US Department of state announced that these military equipments will be providing to Ukraine to sustain its defense capabilities. According to US department of state this support package is for defensive goals.

Ukraine government is currently at war with the separatists under support of Russia in west of Kiev. According to TAAS news agency foreign ministry of Russia has condemned this decision of US and has said that it is against Minsk agreement. ABC news has reported that this defense package will coast Ukraine 47 million dollars that concludes 210 anti tank missiles and 35 Machine launchers. But US department of state has refused this news and said that it is not a military package.

The us department of state has said that US president Donald trump wants a friendly relations with Moscow, but arm deal between Washington and Kiev is hearing this relations.

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