Establishing the 217 Army Corps in the north of the country

Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

The Ministry of Defense has announced that soon they will create a new army corps in Northern provinces of Afghanistan. Asadullah Khalid, acting head of the Defense Ministry who is currently in Balkh, has announced that they have decided that as soon as possible 217 Army Corps will be created in North of the country, along with the 209th Shahin Corps. It is expected that the new army corps will be created in Kunduz.

The head of the National Defense Ministry has said that this decision is made for decreasing the war pressure in the northern and northeastern provinces of the country, because the 209th Shahin Corps is now facing a lot of challenges and for better management of the battle this decision has been made by the Afghan Defense Ministry. Currently, North and North Eastern provinces are facing the heaviest attacks of the Taliban.

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