Amanullah Ghalib, the head of Afghanistan Brishna Sherkat says: international organizations are not supporting Power infrastructure projects in the country, but it is only imported power which brings money to Afghanistan.

Mr. Ghalib was called to Afghanistan Senate due to increase of Power consumption in Kabul and also corruption in this organization, said that the biggest problem in Kabul belong to MP’s. According to ADBS Chief Afghan government senior officials and Afghan members of parliament wants 24/7 power and if any employee of ADBS cuts their power than they will beat them. He said: we announced cutting of lines, but unfortunately in 500 families Khairkhana, when our employees went there the people fire on them by pistols.

ADBS officials are not refusing corruption in their organization, but they are committed to put an end to this phenomenon. These officials said: beside MP’s, politicians, influential’s, and nearby 200 organizations are borrowed 10 billion Afghani from ADBS.


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