Terrorist attacks in Kabul last weekend, where dozens died and hundreds were wounded, showed once again that Afghanistan’s security and defense institutions do not even have the capability to provide security in existing of intelligence battalion and response of these forces to the terrorist groups and their supporters within the system and beyond the boundaries is extremely weak. The terrorists targeted civilians by their suicide attacks and their subsequent aggression in the major cities of the country, which are considered to be the most important and strategic areas of the cities, and marked the places that undoubtedly were protected places, it shows the inability of security forces It is known. The perceptions are that terrorists not only exerted their military power, but saddened hundreds of families and they imposed their fears on leaders of afghan government and country’s security apparatus with fear, meanwhile they were able to impress their horror on capital’s six million people, an issue that has increased the gap between people and the system.

Terrorist attacks, in addition to revealing the weakness of security forces, also proved that the national unity government has no control over the management of public opinion, print, video, audio media, and even social media a matter that has now increased the crisis of confidence on system, which has ultimately increased the mental health of citizens living in Kabul. If we look at current situation, there is no doubt that one of the factors driving crisis of confidence in the country is lack of government dominance in society, media, and especially social networks, Because every social media user has a rumor of social media, and the vulnerability of the citizens of the capital who come to these pages is more vulnerable. The publication of rumors has reinforced the psychological warfare in the country, making it all challenging for all Afghan military efforts to control any terrorist incident.

In a week after suicidal and assaulted attacks on hotel InterContinental and Sedarat Square, terrorists, in addition to increasing fears in country, they were able to make people more susceptible with injecting false information by using social networks. Even the rate of buying and selling goods in the capital has fallen and the people’s mental well-being has collapsed. After conversation with each citizen, it is understandable how much distress they have become, and the terrorists have been able to simply move them away from the current system by putting pressure on them. Consequently, it is urged to the government to apply security measures to the capital in the first step. In the second step, it is necessary to close all pages that cause confusion of public opinion and stop anti-government propaganda. And thirdly, the government must take precautionary measures with appropriate methods and gain reassurance by punishing several insurgents which were captured in battle grounds or even terrorist activities.

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