Pasbanan-             A one day ago, White House urged Afghan president and Jamyat Islami party to resolve their tensions peacefully. The White House newsletter says: “Washington is closely following the current dispute over the governorship of Afghanistan’s Balkh Province.” White House urged two sides to finalize all disputes peacefully. The newsletter adds: “The United States calls on the parties involved to quickly and peacefully resolve this dispute over the transfer of authority to a new governor.  The continued impasse benefits only terrorists and Afghanistan’s adversaries.”

But what’s response of Jamyat Islami party to this call from the White House? According to party’s newsletter: “To resolve the crisis, Jamyat Islami has made concrete proposals on the table. These suggestions addressed the great social and political life of the country; Issues that denying them, has created tensions including replacing of Balkh Governor. We must remember that National Unity Government “NUG” agreement has give some authorities to president. From then on, the government’s policies should be parallel to the provisions of the constitution and the aforementioned agreement.”

Meanwhile this party has dependent it’s all conditions on previous proposals and once again they emphasizes the political solution. Jamyat Islami newsletter also says: “Proposals of Jamyat Islami without exception are explained in accordance with the provisions of the constitution and the agreement of the national unity government. The implementation of these proposals is not only time consuming, but also encourages more people to go to ballot boxes. Disputes are national and Afghan demands that require enforcement.  Implementation of these demands will lead to growth of political parties, transparency of elections and strengthening of democracy in the country. As soon as Presidential Palace is ready to accept them, the crisis will end.”

One day ago Nicolas Kei ambassador of Britain in Kabul urged president ghani and Ata Mohammad Noor to end disputes as soon as possible.

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