Pasbanan-          After bloody attack of terrorists on Intercontinental hotel in Kabul, Washington urges Pakistan that they should react seriously against Taliban leaders in Pakistan. White house spokeswomen Sara Sanders told media on Monday that Pakistan should give up serious steps to arrest those Taliban leaders who live on the other side of Durand live and they are enjoying their live there.

White house spokeswomen also add: Pakistan must take further steps to capture Taliban leaders or should kick off them from its soil. Before Washington warned Islamabad if they won’t took further steps to arrest or kill Taliban and Haqani network leader us will attack directly Pak soil. The terrorists attack intercontinental on saterday a place which mostly foreigners were staying. After this deadliest attack Afghanistan interior ministry announced that 20 people were killed and 15 others were wounded during the attack.

Meanwhile Afghan security forces fight with the terrorists for 14 to 16 hours and rescued the hostages. According to Presidential palace newsletter president ghani announced that terrorism is common enemy of all countries and international community should accelerate their fight against terrorism in Afghanistan. At the same time president ghani also added: that the pressures must increase on terror groups.

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