Pasbanan- Kabul:

Among all abnormalities and worst days in Afghanistan sometimes, small issues become the hottest news in any media platform. In the wonder world, social media users are publishing newborn baby Identification cards in Afghanistan that his family has named him Donald Trump, this ID card belongs to the newborn baby in Shahristan District of Daikundi province.

In this ID card, the child is named Donald Trump, son of Sayed Amanullah, and grandchild of Khoda Dad. Until now no one has declare confirmation on the issue, but if Registering department of Population directorate in Daikundi has registered this kind of ID card it would be a wonder news of the week. Maybe the goal of calling this child Donald trump the current president of United States of America by his family is to guaranty future of this baby; with all the efforts we were unable to contact the family of this kid.

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