It’s expected that 6 parliament heads of the region will meet at the meeting of counter terrorism and regional connection in Islamabad. According to news MP’s of Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Russia, Turkey and Iran will gather in Pakistan. But Reza Rabani Pakistan Senate chief has criticized US new strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia; he has said that this strategy is a big cause for continuing of war and violence in Afghanistan.

Reza Rabani says: US has ignored all the sacrifices that have been made by Pakistan in war against terror. He said: two days ago the speech of US vice president which boldly warned Pakistan was awful for them. Pakistan does not need permission of any other country because it has sovereignty and they won’t accept deadline of other countries even US.

Mike Pence was in a unannounced trip to Afghanistan, he went to Bagram airfield and meet with the US forces said: Pakistan is providing safe heavens to Taliban and other terror groups from a long time. But now those days have come to an end that Pakistan was providing safe heavens.

He also said that by cooperating with US and the region Pakistan can achieve much more, but warned that continuing of giving sanctuaries to terror groups will get many things from Pakistan. In response to speech of US vice president, Pakistan foreign ministry has said: that ally is not warning friends.

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