Abdullah Abdullah, the chief executive of NUG said on ministerial meeting: he agrees for accepting resign of Attah Mohammad Noor, ex governor of Balkh province. Chief executive was speaking with reporters in weekly ministerial meeting in Sapidar palace said: I agreed with resignation of Mr. Noor 15 days ago.

He added: he “Attah Mohammad Noor” claimed that in some where 80 percent of responsibilities, but I will say I agreed for accepting his resignation 100 percent, for some how he had direct discussion with the president, every moment I was saying that they shouldn’t do this; but finally everything was over, 15 or 20 days before for the first time I agreed to accept his resign and one week after that it was accepted.

According to Mr. Abdullah, in accepting of Mr. Noor’s resign president Ghani also agreed. He said: the heads of Jamyat was with us in this decision and they promise that there won’t be any gap, and problem. But himself “Attah Mohammad Noor” give resignation before I agree with this decision, but after some time he puts conditions that I was not aware of that.


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