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During Taliban attack in Khaja Ghar district of Takhar province at least 16 military men were killed and 13 others got injured. Several local police commanders said: the reason that Afghan forces face heavy causality is that there was no backup forces support to them during the fight against Taliban, last year also Taliban attacked Afghan forces in the same village which occurred heavy causalities to Afghan forces.

Last night Taliban fighters targeted Afghan army and local police checkpoints in Pol-e-Momin village around 8 pm and the fight was carried on until 7 Am, some local police force commanders told Pasbanan website while they were in fight against Taliban: the terrorists were equipped with heavy and light weapons and also they were using night vision goggles, at the same time Taliban were targeting Afghan forces with snipers. Meanwhile, Jamil frotan head of Takhar province hospital told to media that they have admitted 8 death and 12 injured from the incident area in Takhar central hospital.

Sonatullah Taymor the spokesperson for Takhar governor told media that in this incident 16 military men were killed and 13 others got injured. He also added: the main reason for having heavy casualties is that Afghan forces were unable to provide backup support for the forces in the ground. Pol-e-Momin village is located in Khaja Ghar district and it has the joint border with Dasht-e-Archi district of Kunduz.


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