Well-known Afghanistan cricketer, Shahzad Mohammadi, appeared at a press conference in Kabul on Sunday for the first time since the International Cricket Council (ICC) had banned him from playing cricket.

Mohammadi was banned on 17th of January 2017 from taking the field for one year over use of unauthorized medicines. He will now step onto the cricket ground on 17th January 2018.

Mohammadi once again apologized to the people on Sunday at the press conference because of using unauthorized medicines.

“What I did was not intentional, it was a mistake and I did not understand. Once again, I apologize to the people. When I was watching the national team playing, my family told me not to worry and one day I will play again,” Mohammadi said.

At the press conference the Chairman of Afghanistan Cricket Board, Atif Mashal, asked all the cricketers to observe the laws of ICC.

“I am very happy that Mohammadi will return on 17th of January 2018. During the time that Mohammadi was banned the ICC, he was doing fitness and we were informed in this regard. Based on the ICC law, we were not able to help him, because it was a principle and we had to implement it,” Mashal said.


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