Pasbanan- Kabul:

After Taliban released a letter for US citizens, now Washington respond to demand of this group. According to US department of state newsletter: Taliban must negotiate with afghan government before they look to negotiate with Washington. Newsletter has quoted Heather North spokeswomen of state department: “we have seen the statement of Taliban, we know that they are serious for negotiating with us, but before this they must start their negotiation with Afghanistan elected government and they should end the violence.”

Taliban has urged US citizens by publishing a statement that they must pressurize president Trump to end the war, but afghan presidential palace looks to the point from other angle. Now Dawa Khan Meenapal deputy spokesperson for Presidential palace told media: “Taliban is not willing to end the war, still they are continuing their fight against afghan citizens. If they really want an end to this bloodshed first they should set on negotiation table with Afghan government.”

Meanwhile US Intelligence officials has warned that in upcoming spring Afghanistan will face more violence. While the afghan government has told that they have better preparation for upcoming war season.


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