Pasbanan- Kabul:

It seems that presence of ISIS in Afghanistan has hurt countries of the region after the defeat of this group in Iraq and Syria. At the second meeting of Kabul process, Russian delegation strongly criticized the national unity government, which fails to deal with it. The Russian representative at the meeting, which was held without presence of media, considered the terrorism hazard as a threat to all the countries of the world. According to this Russian Diplomat, narcotics is another threat which Russian citizens are big victims of it. But beyond these two issues, Russia is worried about presence of ISIS in Afghanistan.

The representative of Russia at the second meeting of the Kabul process has raised his concerns as follows: “terrorists are threating us from Afghanistan, Daish fighters are present in this country, and other fighters are coming from Syria and Iraq. We call on the Afghan government to take significant steps to fight ISIS; this group is supported by anonymous helicopters and we have already raised these issues to Afghan government, NATO and US.”

The Russian representative is giving once again some commitments to Afghanistan: “we want from regional countries to take part in counter terrorism with joint strategies; according to peace we believe that this process should be managed by afghan’s. We support the Tashkent meeting, which is similar to the structure of the Moscow summit; we call on Taliban to negotiate with Afghan government, and if needed Russia is ready to provide a new platform for peace in this country.”

But the Afghan government has also provided more replies to the Russians. Mohammad Hanif Atmar, National Security Advisor, said: all foreign terrorists belongs to regional countries.


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