Pasbanan- Shershah Nawabi

According to “Moin” glossary, diplomat gives concept of a politician. But “Wazhayab” glossary defines diplomat as a person who has a career in political affairs with other countries. In addition, a variety of definitions have been provided for word diplomat. Typically, diplomats are someone holds official position of their government and they took responsibilities of implementing their country’s foreign policy decisions. The main tasks of diplomats are to represent and protect interests of their country in host country. According to diplomatic articles following points are specific features of a diplomat: Diplomats must in essence have the ability to do political affairs, political tone must be intrinsic to them, since that many other intrinsic issues are different to other individuals. They should have a good literacy and understanding of different languages, especially language of the host country. Along with these issues, care for writing and speech is important for a diplomat because with each of these functions, it is likely that they would end their country’s mysteries and their character will be undermined.

But in Afghanistan sometimes it seems that those persons are authorized for these missions who are not eligible of completing diplomatic standards. According to reports after establishment of national unity government, in some cases diplomats are sent to outside countries in a form of ethnic composition. In the latest case, letter of Afghanistan General Consulate in Peshawar has created many voices in social media. Letter from this diplomatic institution indicates that it has been spelling mistakes and signed by General consulate of the country in Peshawar. Mistakes that might not be fear for diplomats.

According to the letter: “The leadership of Afghan General Consulate based in Peshawar, with deeply deeply regret was informed that in Intercontinental hotel Crash happened on 20 of January 2018 among victims we lost Doctor Abdullah Wahid Poyan ex-General Consulate of Peshawar and fiancé of Islamic republic of Afghanistan in Karachi and Abdul Hares Mohmand were martyred.” As long as the national unity government lasts for nearly 4 years foreign ministry is selection process is as same as it was in the past. As President Ghani pledged at the beginning of his government, that the fate of former diplomats will be cleared in six months.


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