Pasbanan-       Still Afghan forces are equipped with Russian type Helicopters, but now US forces are trying to equip these forces as long as they become self- sufficient. According to Afghan government 4 years security plan and US commitments, afghan Air force will receive more than 150 helicopters, and right now afghan pilots are getting training of US type helicopters abroad in US, UAE and other countries.

One day before, Kandahar Air base hosted 4 new Black hawk helicopters. This is the first group of Black Hawk helicopters that Afghan Air Force got it from US in 2018. Kandahar airbase commander told media: by receiving 8 black hawks we hope that our battle maneuver would be wonder full and we would destroy the enemy. General Abull Raziq also said by receiving these helicopters right now Afghan Air Force has its own black hawks. Afghan MOD believes that until 2020 they will be able to replace 159 Black hawks with Russian MI 17

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