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One TV has reported that commander of Resolute Support Mission airborne in Afghanistan has said in a conversation with the media: As long as Pakistan does not take serious steps against safe hideouts of insurgents, international community, especially United States, will pressurize Islamabad more. James Hucker warned that they will no longer allow Taliban to continue to their fight and drug trafficking using their secure nests in Pakistan. It now appears that the safe haven of terrorists in Pakistan has turned into a serious headache to Washington. While Islamabad has repeatedly received serious warnings from international community over the use of terrorists from its territory.

James Hucker has said: “We will increase our pressure on Pakistan to force this country to cooperate in a fierce struggle. We want to assure our self that there is no longer a safe haven for terrorists in Pakistan, and these groups cannot hide, with their safe havens in the territory of that country, along with continuing their terrorist activities and drug trafficking.” This American general said they expect from Islamabad to take international community pressures, especially pressures of United States, and be honest in the fight against terrorism. He said: “On basis of the US military strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia, Donald Trump has explicitly urged Pakistan to take serious measures against the terrorists and Islamabad should take action in this direction.”

But the Pakistani officials have shown their concern according to ongoing tension in their relations with the United States. Khwaja Asif foreign minister of Pakistan said: “this relationship should not be deal under the influence of changes in Afghanistan. I want to be very clear about what we have heard and seen from US officials in a year and a half. We are a little worried. We do not expect from Americans to have any adverse consequences for the relations between the two countries.” Relations between United States and Pakistan have been heavily influenced by Donald Trump’s anti-Pakistani remarks on the first day of 2018.

Trump wrote in a message on Twitter that United States contributed $ 33 billion to Pakistan after the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 to fight terrorism, but in response Pakistani officials have always tricked United States with their dual policies against these aid.

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