Pasbanan- Pakistan forces fencing on Durand line cause a testimonial of Afghan senior officials to senate. The senators urged afghan interior minister, defense minister, deputy head of NDS, and deputy head of local organs, to speak on border management tensions between Kabul and Islamabad. Wais Ahmad Barmak, the interior minister of Afghanistan said: Afghan officials shared their concerns with Pakistan government and also they have provided some proves to United Nations Security Council.

Mr. Barmak Said: “Afghan officials discussed border tensions with Pakistani officials and they have shared their formal protest with United Nations Security Council” Mr. Barmak also told to senators that Pakistan authorities are saying the fencing of Durand line is for securing Pakistan from terrorist threats. He said instead of excuses Islamabad must put an end to the save heavens of terror groups in its treaty. Mr. Barmak emphasized: “right now we are using all mechanism in foreign ministry and our embassy in Pakistan. At the same time we have raised our concerns by official channels. Now we have urged Islamabad to stop border fencing.”

Currently Islamabad has started a new phase of border fencing along Durand line and until now Pakistani forces has fenced several kilometers. Meanwhile missile firing of Pakistani forces on the bordered provinces of Afghanistan is another concern of Afghan officials.

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