Pasbanan-         Shahbaz Sharif chief minister of Punjab has confirmed that police arrests murder suspect of zainab ansari who was killed at the beginning of this month. Mr. Sharif told to media in a press conference that suspect was captured by police in Qosor area and he is killer of 7 old Zainab. Punjab chief minister says: suspect name is Mohammad Emran Ali and he is 24 years old.

According to media report Zainab Ansari was 7 years old and her body was found from a dustbin in Qosor are. Pakistani media adds: first she was rapped and after that Zainab was killed. After this incident most of Punjab citizens comes to streets and protested on the weakness of police. According to Associated press, Punjabi officials have said that is Zainabs killing is a part of the chain of murders in Punjab state. According to media no one is ready to become lawyer of Mohammad Emran. Mr. Shahbaz Sharif also told media, before police arrests Mohammad Emran they examined DNA of 150 criminals and no one found guilty.

Punjab officials told media that after arresting Mohammad Emran and examining his DNA police found him guilty. And meanwhile the suspect has accepted his crime.

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