Officials from Balkh Chamber of Commerce and Industries on Monday claimed that the rift between President Ashraf Ghani and Atta Mohammad Noor, the CEO of Jamiat-e-Islami party and outgoing governor of Balkh, has affected investment in the province.

The officials also claimed that the tension will result in capital flight in the province.

“I foresee a bleak future for Balkh if the situation continues. Investment will be stopped if the situation continues,” said Arash Yunusi, head of Balkh Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

Shafiq Payam, owner of Tak Dry Fruit Processing Firm in Balkh, claimed the tension between Ghani and Noor have damaged their business.

He said he has invested $2 million USD in the firm and exports their products to Europe and United States.

“The political rift (between President Ghani and Atta Mohammad Noor) has affected our business. We have stopped our activities and we are deeply concerned about the situation,” Payam told TOLOnews.

The company has mostly employed women. Some women employees of the firm said they are worried about the future of their job.

“At least 100 women are working here and almost 100 employees are working from home,” Frozan Hashimi, an employee for of the firm said. “These workers will face serious financial problems if the company stops its activities.”

This comes after Presidential Palace announced last week that President Ashraf Ghani has accepted the resignation of Atta Mohammad Noor as governor of Balkh.

Following the president’s statement, Noor refused to accept President Ghani’s decision in this respect.


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