Pasbanan- Kabul:

Jahangir anwari

Today Ghulam Bahaudin Jaylani was selected for the second time as Afghanistan Volleyball federation Head. For electing of Volleyball federation chief, voting ballot was set up in sports and physical education department on Monday morning. For achieving this position Mr. Ghulam Bahaudin Jaylani and Masoud Mobarez elected their self, but due to Mr. Mobarez refusal for participating in the election process Mr. Jaylani was elected as head of Afghanistan Volleyball federation for second time.

Meanwhile Mr. Jaylani commits that he will try his best to create a better plan for having better achievements from international competitions. Right now Afghanistan is at the 76th grade of world volleyball list, but what changes will be made by Mr. Jaylene’s selection in volleyball is time to time question. Volleyball is most famous sports game in Afghanistan and also it has ancient history that mostly youths are well known with this game. Selection of volleyball federation head is the important part of federation elections for sports and physical education department in the country.



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