Mohammad Sharif Yaftaly Afghanistan army chief comments on Zamir Kabulov the special envoy of Russia for Afghanistan and Pakistan concerns about Dayesh numbers in The country. The army general said presence of 10 thousand Dayesh fighters in Afghanistan is propaganda and called Mr. Kabulov Sick. According to Mr. Yaftaly around 2000 Dayesh fighters are now fighting in Afghanistan.

The army chief who was called to upper house of parliament told MP’s: we cannot confirm presence of more than 2000 Dayesh fighters in Afghanistan. Mr. Kabulov is sick and every time he is willing to raise big issues. He also said to the MP’s that Afghan security forces are facing erosion war.

Mr. Yaftaly also said: only in last month Afghan air force has launched 1273 air attacks on Taliban hideouts, logistic routs, gathering places and their training camps. Meanwhile Afghan interior minister says: Dayesh forces are not combined to ISIS but these fighters are made by regional intelligence agencies. Wais Ahmad Barmak said: Dayesh is not phenomena that have came from Iraq and Syria, according to our findings these fighters are forces managed by intelligence agencies of neighboring countries and they have made this group for Afghanistan.


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