Pasbanan- Kabul:

Army chief of staff says: while Afghan government announced peace proposal to end the fight and bring Taliban to a normal life, but this group has refused this proposal by launching new spring operation. Mohammad Sharif Yaftali said during the 26th anniversary of the Mujahedeen victory against the Red Army: “International terrorists have raised their hands and sleeves under the umbrella of the Taliban because of the destruction of Afghanistan, while the government’s peace strategy has provided the opportunity to solve obstacles in terms of peace. And it has brought a new opportunity to create peace and co-existence, but on the contrary, the group has begun refuse this opportunity by opening operation Khandaq and will continue their battle. ”

“The people of Afghanistan are now facing a dark and unclear situation, and the black cloud of terrorist activates has plagued in Afghanistan, citizens are now struggling with many challenges,” said Mr. Yaftali. They have not lost their beliefs and hope for peace, prosperity, peace and social justice. To provide this ideal in the course of the year, Afghan security forces will be fully prepared to fight against all the terrorist groups. Once again, we will ensure that the security and defense forces of this country will not return to the ideals of the people of this land. ”

Meanwhile the head of the Afghanistan Senate says the terrorists have raised their hands and sleeves to make their movements more expanded, but Afghan citizens are on the side of the regime and their security forces to take over the group. “The world owes the Afghan jihad and should support the fight against Afghan insurgency,” said Afghanistan army chief of staff.

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