Pasbanan- Kabul:

Three months ago, International Criminal Court began documentation process of possible war crimes in Afghanistan. According to Reports: 1.17 million Afghan citizens claim that they are victims of war crimes. These records were collected just three months after start of surveys. “These cases are not confined to the and ISIL groups, but also Afghan security forces, pro-government warlords, US-led counterparts and internal intelligence agencies, are also involved” said Abdul Wadood Payman, head of the human rights organization and eradicating violence.

After receiving report by the ICC judge, she is expected to decide whether to quarry further about war crimes in Afghanistan or not? 1.17 Million Afghanistan citizens started giving their statements to human rights institutions based in Europe and Afghanistan, as well as the International Criminal Tribunal court from 20 November, 2017 to 31 January, 2018, While human rights organizations consider disclosure of the names of reviewers to be dangerous, they insist that the of any material in this regard will result in the of institutions.

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