Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Sayed Mujtaba Sadat

The New York Times newspaper reported that at least 100 military members of Afghan police and army forces has flee to Turkmenistan after the Taliban pressurized on a military base in the Morey Chaq, area of Balamorghab district in Badghis. The newspaper quoted an army officer as saying: “Nearly 100 military members from police and army forces have fled to Turkmenistan after the fighting intensified between the Taliban and security forces in Balamorghab. We have lost contact with these forces. ”

Defense Ministry spokesman Qais Mangal confirmed the event and added: “These troops will soon be returned to Afghanistan from Turkmenistan in complete safety.” Badghis Governor Spokesman Jamshaid Shahabi also admitted that after increase of fight between them and Taliban these forces has gone to Turkmenistan, but some sources of military and police say that these people have become obscure.

The Taliban launched a group attack last week on police and military bases, in which at least 120 army and police servicemen were deployed. The Taliban have claimed that at least 30 Army soldiers have been killed and 25 other have been surrendered. Meanwhile, security forces in Balamorghab of Badghis province, have warned the government that reinforcement and air support would not be sent to their help, the situation will get worse.

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