Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Zabihullah Wafa

Ghour security officials say that during their operations Taliban have suffered heavy casualties due to the country’s ground and air operations in Dawlatyar district. Sayed Zia Hosseini, security in charge of Ghour province said: “The security forces yesterday launched an operation under the name of the multiplication of the regions of Samak and Poshta-e-Noor during military operation called Zarb-e-Haft in Dawlatyar district, this operation have caused heavy casualties for the Taliban. Seven armed Taliban were killed and four others wounded in the operation.” he said.

The security official insists that one security staff member has been wounded in the operation. Mr Hosseini added that joint security operations are continuing to clear areas under the control of the Taliban in the district of Dawlatyar. Meanwhile, Ghour Governors spokesman Abdulahi Khatibi said the security forces and the popular uprising force launched a joint operation to clear the areas of Dawlatyar district from the Taliban group presence in order to clean up the areas of Samak and Posht-e-Noor areas of Dawlatyar district.

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