Kabul Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Mahdi Nayibi

As a result of the air strike of unmanned combat aircraft in Nangarhar, at least seven ISIS militants and five Pakistani citizens who had been newly members of this group were eliminated. “The air strike took place last night in the village of Abdul-Kheil, Achin district of Nangarhar eastern Afghanistan, when ISIS wanted to launch a military operation, said Ataullah Khogiani, spokesman for the governor of Nangarhar. The number of ammunition and equipment used by the group has also been eliminated during this air attack. ”

Mr. Khogyani continues to emphasize that no civilian casualties were sustained in the attack. However, a day ago, the National Defense Ministry, released a newsletter, stating that at least 43 ISIL militants were killed in the operation of the Army Air Force in Kunar. It is said that among these killed fighters are Uzbeks and Pakistanis. The operation was launched in the Kunar district of Chapa Dara.

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