Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Gulab u din Amiri

Ghazni local authorities announce that during an air strike at least 12 armed Taliban militants, including their one prominent commander’s mullah Mubarez of this group in Gailan district. According to reports, this air strike was launched around 12 am last night during air strikes in Guar area of Gailan district of Ghazni province has been killed and at least 3 motorcycles of Taliban fighters have been destroyed in this attack.

“Mullah Mubarez was one of the Taliban key commanders in Gailan district and he was a resident of Khwaja Khail village of, Nawa district, who led several Taliban groups, with his killing situation will be changed dramatically and we hope we will witness a difference in the security situation in these districts,” said Arif Nooria, a spokesman for Ghazni province governor. He has also said that by killing this Taliban key commander security concerns will be greatly reduced in these districts.

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