Pasbanan -Kabul:
However, the security situation in Afghanistan is getting worse day by day, but in recent case Germany has sent back 14 afghan migrants to Kabul. According to DW reports, plane carrying these asylum seekers last night fly from Monchengladbach and reached to Kabul in the morning. An Afghan official who is responsible for the acceptance of these asylum seekers, says: “flight of these asylum seekers reached Kabul at 11 AM with a few hours of delay.”
The state officials of Bayern says: among the 14 rejected asylum seekers 10 of them are been fired from Bavaria state of Germany. They said that among the people expelled six also includes the offender. Germany expel these refugees because they did not help in their identification process, one of them were accused for criminal activities in Afghanistan and the other was known as treat to the security of Germany. The federal government of Germany started group expulsion of Afghan immigrants in December 2016. It was resumed again after 12 years, before the expulsion to Afghanistan was stopped because of the situation in this country.

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