Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

Presidential Palace today hosts 17 presidential candidates for the upcoming presidential election to elect, election commission members and their heads of secretary departments of the two electoral bodies. The elections were held in secret, but over fourteen of the more than 80 candidates were able to win the lead with the highest votes. Based on the number of votes of the appointed committee of Sayed Esmatullah Mal, with 9 votes, Mawlana Mohammad Abdullah, 9 votes, Mohammad Qasem Elyasi, 8 votes, Aurang Zib 8 votes, Musafer Qoqandi 8 votes, Hawa Alam Nuristani 8 votes, Habib Rahman Nang 8 votes, Mohammed Younus Toghra, 8 votes, 8 votes in favor, and 5 other leading candidates, in this round of election for electoral bodies.

The next decision on the introduction of commissioners’ for electoral bodies will be announced soon. While President Ghani recently introduced members of former electoral commissions to the General Prosecutor’s Office, and he ordered to appoint the newly elected officials for this position according to the new elections law.

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