Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Yassin Sadat

Local officials in Kunduz have said that at least 14 civilians have died as a result of joint Afghan-American air operations. Saifullah Amiri, deputy chairman of the provincial council of Kunduz, said that 14 civilians, all of whom are women and children, have been victimized.

Meanwhile, US-based spokesman Dibrell Richardson has confirmed that the Taliban’s are the main reason of victimizing civilian population and as they are hiding among the civilians and using them as a human shield are the main reason for civilian casualties. Mr. Richardson has also said: “Insurgents create a serious threat to their security by sheltering in civilian homes. There is no doubt that a number of Taliban fighters are among the victims of the attack.”

Meanwhile, Kunduz provincial officials said the incident occurred in Talwaka area, three kilometers away from the center of the province. Meanwhile, a number of relatives of the victims have called for the end of air and night operations by launching a mass protest in front of Kunduz province governor office yesterday.

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