Reporter: Khalid Noorzad

Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish said in a press conference: “at least 55 people were killed and 94 others were wounded as a result of the last night’s suicide attack on Uranus Hotel, He adds: “The explosion was carried out when hundreds of religious scholars from all over the country gathered in the Uranus Hotel to commemorate birthday of Prophet Mohammad “PCBH”.

The Ministry of Public Health officials also confirmed the death of 55 people and wounding of 94 other in this incident, according to reports all victims of this bloody attack were civilians and religious scholars, the institution has also stated that the 24-wound health status of the incident is serious. President Ghani called this attack a brutal attack on the Islamic scholars in the country and declared Wednesday national mourn.

The attack on the gathering of religious scholars in the country prompted serious reactions. And the victim’s family has urged the government to put the perpetrators in a public trail.


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