Pasbanan- Kabul:

After Taliban attacked a base of civil order forces in Dourahi Farah road of Farah province 15 military personals including Mohibullah Niazai commander of the 1st company of 3rd brigade of civil order forces were killed. A security source says to PMG: this incident took place in Farah while Taliban insurgents attacked on a base of Civil Order forces, the fight began last evening and it was carried out until 2 AM on Friday. After heavy clashes, Talib insurgents were able to capture the base. According to the source after Taliban captured the base and seized amount of ammunition they shot down Mohibullah Niazai and his bodyguards.

The source also adds: 15 days ago Taliban insurgents attacked a check post of Civil Order forces in Farah and they were able to kill at least 15 soldiers during this attack. At the same time, Tawfiq Niazai a relative of Mohibullah Niazai has claimed that during the attack of Taliban on Civil Order forces base 24 personnel including Mr. Mohib was killed. He also wrote on his Facebook page that Taliban were able to kill all civil order security members by launching the attack on the base. Until now there was no official declaration from Security forces but Farah spokesman has told media that during these clashes at least 15 military men was killed.

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