Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad din Agharkhail

More than 15 Army soldiers died in Taliban attack on the National Army’s security checkpoints in Badghis, and other 20 soldiers were captured by the Taliban.

Local authorities in Badghis say that the Taliban insurgents attacked from several position on Lodin area in the Bala Morghab district around 1:00 am, according to reports these clashes ended after five hours and Taliban were able to capture the site. It is also said that during these clashes 15 army soldiers were killed and 20 other service members were captured by Taliban forces.

According to reports, during the past four days, this is the fifth army base in the Bala Morghab district of Badghis that falls down to Taliban hands. It is also said that over the past four years, the road in Bala Morghab district has been closed.

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