Pasbanan- Kabul:

During clashes between Taliban and ISIS fighters in Bibi Maryam and Tashjawaz villages of Darzab district in Jozjan province at least 9 insurgents from both side were killed and 8 others got injured. 209 Shahin Corps spokesman has announced this report by releasing a massage, according to him currently war between ISIS and Taliban fighters have entered to its 6th day, in Darzab district.

Mr. Reza Ghafoori Spokesman of 209 corps claimed that during yesterday’s clashes between insurgent groups at least 5 fighters of ISIS were killed. He also added that in this clashes ISIS medic and also 3 women fighter of the group were killed and most of them were foreigners. It is also said that in yesterday’s clashes Taliban also witnessed heavy casualties and at least four insurgent of Taliban group were killed by ISIS fighters.


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