Pasbanan- Kabul:

During clashes between Afghan Border forces and Taliban in Speenboldak of Kandahar, at least 7 Taliban fighters were killed and 9 others got injured. Dawood Ahmadi Spokesman for Kandahar governor told media that this incident took place around 10 pm and it was carried out up to 4 am. He added that Taliban fighters targeted border forces check post in Serasagan area.

According to Mr. Ahmadi: during this attack 2 border forces members were killed and 5 others got injured. Kandahar local officials said that mostly Taliban are targeting security check posts in Serasagan area because these bases are located in the zero ground of Durand line and by targeting these check posts insurgents are willing to clear the roots for carrying equipment’s and also their deaths and injuries to their bases on the other side of the border.


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