Reporter: Zahra Sahil

The Ministry of Defense has published a newsletter: Commando forces and the National Army Air Force launched an operation in Faizabad district of Jawzjan province, killing 17 suspected terrorists of one of their commanders.

Hanif Rezaie, spokesman for the 209th Shahin Corps in the north of the country, said the operation had been launched on Sunday night in the village of (Meymlak) in the Faizabad district of Jawzjan, and now it continues.

Mr. Rezaie added that during this operation, one of the Taliban’s key commanders, along with 17 fighters, was active in most of the areas.

Jawzjan in the north of the country is among the most insecure provinces. In a number of districts in the province, Taliban militants are on the Friday of Faizabad district.

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