Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shaker Sangi

At the end and last day of the Peace Consultative Jirga, President Ghani decided to release 175 Taliban militants for the purpose of goodwill and the end of the conflict in Afghanistan. Mr. Ghani says: “In order to honor the views of the consultative Jirga representatives and also to ensure peace, the government is determined to release 175 Taliban militants from prison. Mullah Hebatullah should know that I gave the people and the nation a blank check, instead they gave me the treasury, but I call on the Taliban are ready to give the people a blank check and read the views of Afghan citizens.”

Mr. Ghani, by challenging the Taliban’s perspective, emphasizes that the government has shown the moral dare for goodwill in providing peace, now it’s time for the Taliban to show their good well for the peace in the country. Mr. Ghani added: “These 175 prisoners are being freed for the sake Ramadan and as a good well and in the peace process as well, I call on the Taliban to send their members to Kabul and surrender their prisoners with a special ceremony and in Islamic and Afghan manners.”

The government has taken this decision to release 175 Taliban prisoners from the prisons of the country, and the Taliban are now struggling with violent movements in the provinces to impose their own position on the citizens of the country.

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