Pasbanan- Kabul

Let’s make love, it means I give others good faith and hardback so that I can have a great joy.

I have life here and now to enjoy both greater mental health and moral perfection.

I totally disregard the value of others’ judgments in order to achieve complete prosperity.

So I can be loyal to myself, that is to say, I will not go back to my own personal dream, though it has brought me back to social desires.

I will never address problem of theory that the solution to it in my practice has no effect, that, it does not matter to me.

Do not make genuine, natural and spontaneous life, I will be myself and live simple and natural.

I know that I am lonely in the deepest sense of the word.

In my excitement and frustration, I only listen to the quiet and slow voice of my moral conscience.

I need to know myself more and more than anyone else in my own situation.

I have to put my goal only to correct myself and to know that only as a result of this work I will correct others more or less.

I must know that only modification and self-modification is both possible and desirable.

I should like to have a good life for life’s happiness.

The biggest thing I can do is not a bigger thing than that and not a little smaller than that.

I know that everything is unstable and transient, whether it’s joy or misery.

Never mind honesty: feelings, emotions, excitements, desires, words, and deeds with each other, humility means: to think of yourself in your own luck, and not to give in to generosity in your misery.

I live as if I were in one step of my death, at any moment I’m busy doing something if it does not die at the same time, I do not feel apologetic, not feel sad or feel sorry.

Just talk for the time and the necessity.

I’m not at peace for any price.


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