Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

The Faryab Police Chief Press office has released a newsletter saying: 19 members of the Taliban insurgency group including Mufti Aminullah the key commander of them were killed, and 12 others had been wounded during a military operation.

According to the newsletter security and defenses forces, along with popular uprising forces were able to launch a joint operation to retrieve the Chahar Toot area in Pashtun Koot district, Koh-e-Sayad district and Shirin Tagab district after yesterday’s slaughter, according to the Pasbanan News Agency.

However, Taliban terrorist groups have recently increased their aggressive attacks against Afghan security forces in Faryab province, and local authorities and Faryab residents have repeatedly voiced concern over the fall of Maimana city to the government. But in recent case, Faryab Governor has announced that they were able to equip more than 2,000 Faryab residents with arms to fight Taliban terrorists in the northern province of Faryab.


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