Pasbanan-        1900 Air strikes were made against Taliban and insurgents groups across the country by Afghan Air force in 19 months, officials said on Sunday. Afghan Commander in chief of the air force Mohammad Shoaib Pilot told media: in last 9 months they have carried out 27 operational flights and all of these operations were made for supporting ground forces and striking terror groups in the battle groups. He added: at the same time Afghan air force has targeted insurgent’s hideouts all over Afghanistan.

Mohammad Shoaib Pilot also added: our air force is doing their duty by supplying Afghan security and defense forces and also the have be done a wonderful job by targeting our enemies in current year. Currently Afghan air force has got full support of US forces and government. The commander in chief of air force also told to media that according to Afghan government four year strategies Afghan National Army will improve it’s capabilities in terms of air support and ground support.  He said: Afghan government 4 years strategic plan has given them so many capabilities and it will be ended at 2018

This comes months after, President Ashraf Ghani has said that the government is committed to equip and maintain the national defense and security force and for this reason will soon allocate $680 million to increase the capabilities and equip the Afghan Air Forces.


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